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One of the main characteristics of our firm is the practice of law within a framework of the principles of specialisation and efficiency, combined with personalised, integrated client care. This quality, when combined the intellectual abilities of our staff, has led to the growth in and loyalty of its client base over time.

We at Laporta & Arbós believe that the provision of good advice is always linked to an organised team of professionals.

The firm’s philosophy springs from its structure, based around three basic concepts: specialisation, cooperation and an integrated, effective client service.

Laporta & Arbós is made up of lawyers practising the law as a liberal profession, without loosing their roots but at the same time practising it employing methods imported from the business world. Cooperation with economists has meant broadening the firm’s scope of action to allow it to provide the range of advice required by today’s businesses. Its members believe that their profession provides them with the right means for them to meet their calling and firmly hold that the union of their strengths leads to them providing even higher-quality work.


The success of a legal practice depends on the quality of its professionals. This is why Laporta & Arbós places great emphasis on the choice of its members, in terms not only of their professional, but also of their human qualities. Furthermore, it encourages the development of its team by means of continuing academic and professional education, both at home and abroad.

Laporta & Arbós